Let Your Child Take a Beating, It’s Good For Them

GIANT PANDA MOM GIVES CUB AN “AIRPLANE RIDE”When I was eight years old my family was living in Melbourne Beach, FL for a short time.  Standing on the balcony of our apartment, I remember looking down and seeing hundreds of small black dots scattered in a line down the beach.  After running down to see what was happening, I soon discovered how lucky I was – it was a sea turtle hatching.  Hundreds of new born baby sea-turtles were crawling out of their eggs and to the ocean.  Thinking I’d give them help, I began picking them up from the top of the beach and running them down to the break, relieving them of their struggle across the sands.

It wasn’t till later that I found out turtles lay their eggs at the top of the beach for a reason.  Once hatched, the baby turtle must make its way to the ocean.  This walk builds muscle and brain development necessary to them surviving in the wild.  Therefore, me trying to help them, trying to protect them from the long walk to the water, only resulted in a bunch of weak and dead turtles.  Sad story – I know.

When I see how parents protect their children, I often believe they behave similarly to me with the sea turtles.  Their children are shielded from all struggles, dangers, and adversity – not allowing a hair to be harmed on the little angles heads.  Like me, though, little do they know that they are just weakening them.

Take the title with a grain of salt, but it is valuable to knock your kids around a bit – in a playful way.  Just turn on Animal Planet sometime and watch lion cubs bite away at their mothers, baboons slap their babies, and K-9 puppies wrestle, do you think that this behavior is teaching them to be violent adults?  Every mammal in the kingdom allows their kids to fight from an early age – for some reason, though, humans have recently shunned fighting, both playful and not.  We worry that our kid may get…

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