‘LET’S TAKE ALL THE GUNS AWAY’: Prince Reveals Baltimore Protest Song at his Rally 4 Peace Concert

prince10f-2-webWow, I can’t believe this song. Prince is clueless!

Prince released his much-anticipated protest song about “Baltimore” on Saturday — one day before his scheduled “Rally 4 Peace” concert in the troubled city.

Oddly, the music he wrote to match his socio-political message could barely be more breezy.

Contrasting lyrics inspired by the death of Freddie Gray and the subsequent riots in Baltimore, Prince’s like-named song has the light, pop-rock panache of hits like “Raspberry Beret.”

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It’s catchy — in this case, to a fault. Listeners may have trouble putting together its sober lyrics with the sometimes flighty tune, enlivened by several rousing guitar solos.

“Nobody got in nobody’s way / So I guess you could say it was a good day / at least a little better than the day in Baltimore,” Prince sings.

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