Letters In Captivity: Former Platoon Member of Bergdahl’s Weighs in on Letter He Wrote in Captivity, ‘Now We Know He Deserted’ [VIDEO]

Editor’s Note: Sgt. Bergdahl’s former brothers-in-arms seem unimpressed with Bergdahl’s written excuses for deserting. He broke his oath and left his post. That appears to be enough information for them.

American soldier Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is arriving back in the United States tonight, as new reports are surfacing as to why he left his post in the first place.

The Daily Beast website is reporting that it has new letters Bergdahl allegedly sent to his family in 2012 and 2013 while he was still in captivity – which cite poor leadership and bad living conditions as reasons for his decision to leave.

Family members and other officials have confirmed that they are handwritten and came from Bergdahl.

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The letters, rife with misspellings, express Bergdahl’s dissatisfaction with conditions in his platoon. He wrote, “…tell those involved in the investigation that there are more sides to the cittuuation…the cermonstance from the beginning of my time in Afghanistan from immedet top to bottom where bad for troopers espeshly in my PLT.”

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