Liar Susan Rice Scolds Trump Over ‘Values’ — EPICALLY BLOWS UP IN HER FACE!

Liar Susan Rice started giving a d@mn about American values recently. But only because she wanted to scold Trump…

You know what else is outrageous? Leaving Americans to DIE and then blaming a video for YOUR mistakes! That’s pretty outrageous to us, and other people, too.

But she’s a Democrat and you know they have different rights. Or something along those lines…

Maybe she should hold a conference and explain what the Democrat rights are, because many people are confused according to Twitter.

This guy just doesn’t get that Obama is allowed to do whatever he wants. Because Democrat, hoo-rah!

Or these people, who don’t fully understand the whole world destruction peace plan the Democrats have in place.

And then there are people like this man, who just has Obama’s well being in mind.

And all the people in between!

Yes Susan, people just don’t understand the rights of Democrats. Why don’t we start with the first lesson.

  1. It’s okay to not care about anything and everything unless it progresses your own personal agenda…

Sound about right?


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