LIBERAL MEDIA: Conveniently Forgets to Ask Chelsea Clinton About Her Dad’s Treatment Of Women… Bugs Ivanka All the Time

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 7.26.56 PMBiased much? This is what the liberal media will do to a candidate. We just love pointing out the partisan reporting here.

Ivanka Trump, daughter of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, is constantly asked about her father’s treatment of and statements about women. She has been grilled by CBS, criticized by the Atlantic and asked by many more outlets to defend her father.

Here’s an article you won’t see from the mainstream media: Chelsea Clinton being asked to defend her father’s treatment of women, including accusations against him of rape.

The closest anyone came was Comospolitan, who framed the questionto Chelsea as an attack from Donald Trump. “Donald Trump has called your dad an abuser of women, and your mom his enabler. What do you think of his attacks on your parents?”

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The phrasing of the question allowed Cosmo to pretend they asked a tough question, while really allowing Chelsea to criticize Donald Trump. And that’s exactly what she did.

The obvious reason behind this is that political journalists tend to be extremely liberal. They love Bill Clinton so much, they overlook the serious allegations against him (and his settlement with one of his accusers). So while Chelsea Clinton is allowed to attack Ivanka’s father without consequence, she herself is given a pass on her own father’s actions.


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