Liberal Media Outlet: Claims Hillary Does NOT Have a ‘Trust & Honesty’ Problem

The below column is Blue Nation Review’s CEO, Peter Daou, attempting to convince the American public that Hillary is trustworthy and honest. He used to be a campaign advisor for Clinton and John Kerry (so no bias in the column). The funny thing about all this… he HAS TO PROVE she is trustworthy and honest, because she isn’t.

Hillary Clinton is trustworthy. Hillary Clinton is ethical. Hillary Clinton is honest. Hillary Clinton is a person of integrity. Those are the facts. The rest is malicious spin.

“I’ve gotten to know Hillary really well, and she is a good, smart, tough person who cares deeply about this country” – President Barack Obama

If you follow politics you know there’s a gaping chasmbetween Hillary’s public image and her actual character. That chasm was purposely created by her opponents and is purposely exploited by them.

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In the caricatured version of Hillary promulgated by her detractors in politics and media, Hillary is lying and corrupt. Inactual reality, Hillary is a person of integrity who is respected, loved and trusted by those who know her best.

Some of the most admired people on the planet put their reputations on the line for Hillary. They do it knowing that she is maligned and mischaracterized, that she is falsely portrayed as dishonest and untrustworthy. They do it because they know who she really is. They do it because it’s the right thing to do.

Joe Biden:

“The hardest thing is vouching. When you vouch for them you say ‘I’m putting my reputation on the line. I believe this person is a good person, has character.’  You’re putting your rep on the line. You’re saying, ‘I think this person has character,’ and that’s what I’m prepared to do for Hillary.”

The list of political leaders, public officials, organizations, and labor unions who have endorsed Hillary, who have expressed faith in her to lead our country, is long.

Hillary has the trust and support of people like President Obama, Michelle Obama, Elizabeth Warren, John Lewis, Joe Biden, Lilly Ledbetter, Dolores Huerta, Jim Clyburn, Morgan Freeman, Cecile Richards, Jerry Brown, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bernice King, and numerous others.

Not to mention 15.8 million voters who cast their ballot for her, entrusting her with their future.

I had the privilege of working as an adviser to Hillary and getting to know her personally. Like countless people who have worked for her, I have staked my own reputation on the fact that she is an upstanding person, someone of honesty, trustworthiness, decency and dignity.


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