Liberals Claim SALADS are Now RACIST Because…

It’s not enough for the Left to shut down “fat-shaming” and remove mirrors from gyms, now they are going after salads.

Because salads, ladies and gents, are racist.

Oh, dear Lord in heaven, this ought to be good.

In an opinion piece titled Why Is Asian Salad Still On The Menu?by Bonnie Tsui, it is argued that the Asian Salad reeks of cultural appropriation by racist Westerners who often use offensive puns and stereotypes to name such Americanized cuisine while fetishizing Asian culture.

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Tsui’s anti-salad rant was triggered by the “Asian Emperor Salad” listed on a menu at a San Francisco joint she was dining at last Friday.

“I tried to identify exactly what that was,” wrote Tsui. “I made a halfhearted joke to my husband about just which Asian emperor this salad was honoring. I thought about its grand imprecision, which irritated me as a Chinese-American. And I wondered, who cooked up this thing?”

Not Asians, apparently, and that’s racist.

The Daily Wire

“When the Asian salad fad exploded, something that was cooked up by non-Asians became, well, ‘Asian’ in the popular imagination. A single Cheesecake Factory, Rainforest Cafe or Applebee’s could sell 500 Asian salads a week,” Tsui further complains.

So what’s my problem with Asian salad? It’s not the salad itself, though it’s not my favorite. It’s the words — which, I think, matter. In many ways, the broad, generic terminology used to refer to an entire continent is the heart of it. Applebee’s menu features an “Oriental chicken salad” with the following description: “fresh Asian greens tossed in a tasty Oriental vinaigrette.” The “Asian greens” and “Oriental vinaigrette” are so laughably vague as to have no meaning at all. When I asked Applebee’s for more specifics on what made its Asian greens Asian and its Oriental vinaigrette Oriental, a spokesman told me the company was unable to “provide a thorough response.” No kidding.

Quick question, is all the European food that we’ve butchered (like spaghetti in a can) also culture appropriation? Or is that okay because it’s European?

Well, she does acknowledge that Americanized fusion happens with other cultures’ food, just Asian culture is more important…

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While the Greek salad has some integrity — by this I mean that in Greece you will actually find a salad that looks like this — and the Caesar is a creation attributed to the 1920s-era restaurateur Caesar Cardini, the Asian salad stands apart as a strange kind of fiction.

Okay…but we still took the salad and made it our own…

“Am I taking this too seriously?” Tsui then asks.

Just a bit, yeah.

Sadly, she doesn’t do any reflection on her own question. Just doubles down on her crazy, I mean point. Doubles down on her point.

The casual racism of the Asian salad stems from the idea of the exotic — who is and isn’t American is caught up wholesale in its creation. This use of ‘Oriental’ and ‘Asian’ is rooted in the wide-ranging, ‘all look same’ stereotypes of Asian culture that most people don’t really perceive as being racist. It creates a kind of blind spot.

In her closing, she reminds us that the salad isn’t the problem, it’s the name. Asian belongs to the continent of Asia. You’re wrong if you have a problem with that.

I find something bittersweet in this nostalgia for a fake fusion cuisine. Something created in the name of Asians by non-Asians has become a touchstone for non-Asians. I understand that it’s possible to feel fondness for a dish that is deeply inauthentic and I don’t resent that one bit. It has become its own thing. Just don’t call it Mr. Mao’s Chicken Surprise.

So, the Left’s list of racist things include milk, grammar, expecting people to show up on time, telling the truth and now salads. What’s next, breathing? We probably shouldn’t say anything. Knowing them, they will find a way to make that racist as well.


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