LIBERALS ARE EXCITED! They Can Now Workout To Profanity-Filled Anti-Trump Chants! [WATCH]


Where are the words for this one? Just when you think that liberals can’t get anymore crazy.

We thought we saw it all. From the screaming chick to skipping work to the “training programs”, yeah, you can’t get much crazier.

But we were wrong!

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Two liberals have come up with a “resistance training” workout that has a double meaning.

Check it out. Just a forewarning, they are protesting Trump, so there is profanity. What protest would be without it?

(Side note: Notice their lack of mirrors? What good liberals, not triggering anyone.)

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You can decide if this is purely a propaganda piece, or whether there was supposed to be Propaganda with an actual exercise component.

It does correspond with the liberal Facebook page Fusion Media Network, if that helps you in your deductions.

Let us know what you think about this strange workout that, if we are being honest, really doesn’t look like it’s doing too much for that participants. Both physically and mentally.


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