Liberals Have LOST IT Over Chelsea — This Picture PROVES It!

What…just what?!

What is this fascination with Chelsea Clinton? You don’t see Trump supporters doing this to Ivanka. This is an official magazine! Why would anyone in their right minds do this?

VICE, in their latest Twitter post, pretty much declares Chelsea Clinton the Virgin Mary. No, we aren’t kidding. The nausea-inducing image speaks for itself as the magazine says Chelsea represents women who are “smart and cool.”

Someone, tell us what is “smart and cool” about insulting millions of people’s faith?

The article, written by a woman who must be so far up Clinton’s backside that she is suffering from hypoxia, calls Chelsea a brilliant “role model” who is “cool” and “relatable.” If you don’t agree with that, than you are “threatened by powerful women.” No, we don’t think that’s the reason at all…

The author also points out that the younger Clinton’s recent tweeting is evidence of her superior intellect and “coolness.” Because that makes sense…

Maybe we are missing something. Maybe Chelsea is brilliant on Twitter and we all have been missing it. Let’s see…

Here we have a fine example of her intelligence. This picture was tweeted out:

And Chelsea, being the cool, hip person she is, saw this and was not pleased. Her response to this,

Sorry to inform you Chelsea, that is an actual picture of Lincoln with his favorite hat. We can’t change history. It’s written in stone and pictures forever…

Okay, we will overlook that one. How about this tweet?

Well, people were quick to point out this little flaw to her,

Well, that didn’t go as planned. And we also think we are missing some brain cells.


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