Liberals Privately Fund Obamacare Critic for Eye Surgery

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 8.56.49 AMThis man found a way around the system. What’s even better about this case? System stooges are funding him to do it!

Donations have poured in – mostly from self-professed progressives — to help an Obamacare critic receive treatment that could save his eyesight.

Luis Lang has never bought health insurance and refused to sign up for the Affordable Care Act because he believed help would be available in an emergency – but he found out the hard way that the law is a bit more complicated.

The 49-year-old Lang, a self-employed handyman and Republican, suffered a series of mini-strokes that left him with bleeding in his eyes and a partially detached retina caused by diabetes, and he will likely go blind without surgery – which he cannot afford.

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He missed this year’s deadline to sign up for Obamacare, and he said he’s either too old or too young to get help from most charities – so he set up an online fundraiser to help pay for his medical care.

Lang has raised more than $7,000 in one day after his story went viral Tuesday, and many contributors urged him to reconsider his politics.

“I am a progressive and a liberal,” said Mark Little, who gave $5. “I get my health insurance from a private provider through I used the ACA because I have my own business. Turn off Fox News. Turn off Rush Limbaugh. Stopping voting against your own best interests. Stop voting republican. Here’s $5 to help you out. Good luck!”

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