Libtard Actress Makes The STUPIDEST Claim Ever — Is This Disrespectful to The Victims of London’s Attack?

You are about to see something so dumb, you might kill some of your brain cells just reading it. We didn’t Photoshop this, it was tweeted out by an actual, live person. Are you ready for the stupidity?

Okay, here you go…


Are. You. KIDDING?! Is she trying to be funny? Please tell us she doesn’t actually believe this!

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This woman’s Twitter is filled with liberal BS so we aren’t too sure if she actually believes this or not. But, for our own sanity, let’s say she is trying to be funny with this. How insensitive can you be to the victims of a confirmed terror attack? People lost their lives! This isn’t a joke.

Hollywood needs to lesson in compassion (and facts). Their heads are so high in the sky (or up their own a**, you choose) that they have forgotten what it’s like to live in the real world. Then tweets like this happen.


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