LIBTARDS: Anti-Gun Charity Holds Toy Gun Turn-In

kidsDo you remember growing up with toy guns. We are talking about water guns, Nerf guns, or maybe even an air rifle or paintball gun. These are classics. They are fun! But the anti-gun community doesn’t agree with us. They instead held a toy gun exchange. Yeah…that sounds like fun…

According to an account from Newsday, this attempt at indoctrination was organized by Manhattan socialite Jean Shafiroff, with the assistance of the Hempstead Heights Civic Association and the participation of Hempstead Mayor Wayne Hall, whose city is listed as supporting Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Earlier in the month Shafiroff made the New York Post’s notorious Page Six when she held a “lavish” gift drive at her home and turned away guests who brought toy guns.

Making clear her joyless attempt to condition the children of Hempstead, Shafiroff told Newsday, “I wanted children to know toy guns are not good toys… By exchanging them for a much better gift, it shows a toy gun is not worth having.” Lamont Johnson of the Hempstead Heights Civic Association echoed Shafiroff’s sentiment, noting “We need to get away from that culture and give children appropriate toys. Hempstead is sending a message guns are not to be played with.”

Revealing that this was not an effort to simply separate children from toy guns that could tragically be mistaken for an actual firearm, Newsday reported that “[m]ost of the toy guns handed in were brightly colored.”


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