LINDSEY GRAHAM: Republicans are Adding ‘Gasoline to the Fire by Defunding the DHS’

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The DHS’s ‘give-a-sh*t’ factor on terrorists attacking this Nation just went up, now that their about to get defunded. How come it didn’t start when our borders were opened wide to these said terrorists? This article reeks of a publicity stunt.

Sen. Lindsey Graham said Sunday the U.S. is facing more terrorist threats than ever and defunding the Department of Homeland Security would be the worst possible thing to do.

Some Republicans aren’t supporting a bill to fund the agency unless it scuttles President Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration. But the South Carolina senator said he hopes fellow Republicans will allow the immigration issue to play out in court after a federal judge in Texas issued an injunction last week blocking Obama’s immigration actions. Graham said he supports the judge’s decision.

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If Republicans fail to fund DHS, he said, they’ll get blamed as a party.

“I’ve never seen more terrorist organizations … that want to strike the homeland than I do today, and that’s a direct result of a failed foreign policy by President Obama,” Graham said on ABC’s “This Week.” “And the worst thing to do is having the Republican Party add gasoline to the fire by defunding the Department of Homeland Security.”

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” that “it’s absurd that we’re even having this conversation about Congress’s inability to fund Homeland Security in these challenging times.”

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