LION EATS WOMAN ALIVE: While She was ‘Protecting’ her Farm Animals

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 8.53.34 AMWith the up coming bans on lion hunting, this kind of story is going to continue to be the norm.

A PRIDE of lions is wreaking havoc in Victoria Falls with one of the wild cats yesterday mauling to death a 52- year-old woman before feeding on her corpse, The Standard has established.

Officer commanding police in Victoria Falls Chief Superintendent Jairos Chiwona confirmed the killing of Sarah Tshuma by one of the lions which has since been shot dead.

“We confirm having received such a report of a woman who was killed by a lion early today (yesterday) and our most sincere condolences go to the family and friends,” Chiwona said

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The attack took place at Sisonke Village in Woodlands area under Chief Mvuthu.

Violet Ngwenya, a neighbour and relative of the deceased said the lions had been causing sleepless nights to villagers for the past few days.

She said villagers were now sleeping outside their cattle kraals to safeguard livestock.

Ngwenya said the lions initially attacked a cattle kraal around 7pm on Friday at the same homestead killing one ox.

“Villagers scared away the pride after the incident by banging empty containers and making fire in an effort to safeguard cattle and goats but the lions kept coming,” she said.

“Eventually we all agreed to go and sleep because it was already midnight but Tshuma refused indicating that she wanted to watch over her beasts and we left her.

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