LITTLE GENIUS: 3 Year Old Girl is the Youngest Genius Out There

Mensa three-year-old girl named Alexis Martin has an IQ above 160, which is higher than Albert Einstein’s IQ and higher than 99.9 percent of the world’s population. Three-year-old Alexis Martin has become officially the newest genius in the chapter of Arizona’s Mensa organization which only accepts individuals that have an IQ in the top two percent of the world. According to a Feb. 17, WRTV report, the doctors who tested Alexis said that she tested so high, “they couldn’t even calculate her IQ score.”

According to her dad, Ian Martin, Alexis showed signs of some unique abilities at the age of one and that she began reading when she was two years old. “From 12-18 months old, we’d be driving around in the car and she would recite her bedtime story from the night before,” he said. “She didn’t just recite them, she recited them exactly.”

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