Little Girl was Going to Attend Daddy-Daughter Dance Alone, Until This Soldier Showed Up

5-year-old Cayleigh Hinton lost her father, Sergeant Terrence Hinton, in May 2017 in a military training accident in Hawaii.

When her school, Our Lady of Humility School in north suburban Beach Park, announced they were holding a daddy-daughter dance night, this prompted Cayleigh’s mother to write a request to the National Guard asking if someone could take her.

When First Sergeant Joseph Bierbrodt saw the letter he said, “It wasn’t even really a choice for me. I view it as an honor to be able to do this for her.”

A limo picked the pair up and they were escorted by police, firefighters and the Patriot Guard.

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Bierbrodt said stepping in for Cayleigh’s late father was just something “that had to be done.”

The little girl had practiced for the dance and called the evening “a very special day.”

When asked about her dancing skills Cayleigh boldly stated, “I’m very good at it.”

Via USAWTFM: Bierbrodt has taken his own daughters to such dances, and it’s something Cayleigh’s father had talked about doing one day.

“He’s definitely here in spirit. I heard Cayleigh talking to him while she was getting ready, and I have no doubt she has him with her tonight,” said Jillian Hinton, Cayleigh’s mother.

Bierbrodt didn’t know Cayleigh’s father, but said he would want someone to do the same as he did for his daughters.

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