‘LITTLE MARCO HAS TO GO’: Internet Explodes with Memes Mocking Marco Rubio

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 8.55.48 AMHe set himself up for this one and you can’t help but laugh! Check it.

After failing to win any states on Super Saturday, flailing Marco Rubio has become the subject of memes mocking his height.

The 5’10” Florida senator has been tirelessly ridiculed by 6’2″ rival Donald Trump – who took his cue from 6’3″ Jeb Bush – who describes him as a baby.

And now, as Rubio slides in the polls, Twitter users have given Trump’s ‘little Rubio’ taunts a whole new dimension.

They were all seemingly inspired by a photograph of the senator sitting in an oversized chair during a visit to Grevior Furniture in Franklin, New Hampshire, in August, which left his feet dangling from the ground.

Using that image, one puts the GOP candidate in a baby seat, while another has shrunk him to the size of a doll and perched him on Donald Trump’s lap.

Using that image, one puts the GOP candidate in a baby seat - although he still appears to be holding on to the chair handle of the one he sat in in Franklin

Another has shrunk him to the size of a doll and perched him on Donald Trump's lap

Some even found this bizarre throwback photo of Trump and placed Rubio on his knees

In this one, he looks like a child playing a game in the giant chair from Grevior Furniture

Florida's primary, a winner-take-all contest on March 15, has become a must-win race for the man Trump dismisses daily as 'Little Marco'

Here, frontrunner Trump is portrayed as a girl playing with her toys, of which one is Little Marco

It comes as Trump calls on Rubio to drop out of the presidential race on Saturday night after splitting the day’s primaries and caucuses with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

‘I think Marco Rubio had a very bad night,’ Trump said in a post-election press conference, ‘and personally I’d call for him to drop out of the race. I think it’s time.’

‘He has not been able to win,’ Trump said, adding: ‘I want Ted one-on-one, okay?’

Cruz, the hard-charging Texas tea partier, was declared the caucus winner in Kansas and Maine early in the evening.

‘He should do well in Maine because it’s very close to Canada! ‘Let’s face it!’ Trump joked, referring to Cruz’s place of birth.

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