Living as a Bunch of Cowards Under the Dictatorship of Obama

cowardly-lionWhat if all the things that military members are being told they cannot do were suddenly applied to our police men and women? Would it be viewed differently then? If the men and women who protect us on the home front were treated as poorly as the men and women who protect us on the foreign front, would there be a bigger outcry?

What if the police were told that their chaplains could not pray? When they have to take one life to save another, when their partner is killed in the line of duty, they are told no one can pray? When they are about to go into a dangerous situation, they can’t ask for a blessing?

What if they were told they couldn’t use guns at all because we don’t want to upset certain segments of the population and cause an “incident”? They just need to let the “diplomats” talk everyone out of behaving dangerously?

What if they were portrayed as violent extremists because they believe they need guns to save lives? How would they like to read about themselves in the news, hearing politicians call them terrorists while they are trying to protect those very politicians and their right to say that garbage?

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What if they were told they couldn’t carry their firearms in the police station because others have decided there is no need for it?

What if they were told they can only carry on duty but cannot be trusted to carry off duty? On-duty they’re trustworthy, off-duty they turn incompetent?

What if they were told they had experienced traumatic events and because of that they are considered unstable and shouldn’t be allowed to own or possess guns? Ever. And that will be used against them for the rest of their lives.

What if, when budgets were tight, all police memorials were barricaded, just to cause pain and suffering? What if elderly police men and women were not allowed to access memorials to their fallen friends? Would there be more of them standing up to the complete insanity of this behavior then?

What if police men and women had to get their medical care through a government-run agency and had to wait a very long time to get care?

What if they were told that they couldn’t say anything negative about their bosses? What if they were told they couldn’t express their concerns about management? There would be no union, no one to go to, no union to make sure they got good benefits and pay. Just suck it up and shut up?

Not all of these things happened under President Obama, some rules were in place long before him. But that doesn’t make them any better or any worse. We want men and women to volunteer to defend our country and our rights, but then we stay silent when they are mistreated or forced to give up their own rights. Some say they didn’t have to volunteer, that when they did they made the choice to play by those rules.

But they didn’t make the choice for many of these rules, particularly the ones that have happened thanks to President Obama, the ones that now bleed over into their private lives after their term of service, such as being declared extremists simply for existing as ex-military. Would police unions stay silent if police men and women started being described in these same terms? Our military have no union to speak up for them.

This is absolutely not meant to disparage police at all or to say they don’t deserve to be treated well. It’s simply asking why would we treat one group of our protectors so much different than another.

If we stand by silently while such terrible inequalities and unfairness continues to happen to our military men and women, soon no one WILL want to volunteer to lose all their rights in order to protect ours.

Is the plan to make life so miserable that no one will want to serve and there will no longer be a United States military? If so, then where will we be? It’s simple – we’ll be right where Obama and friends want us – living as a bunch of cowards under the dictatorship of Obama.


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