Living in the Deep: Jacques Cousteau’s Grandson Embarks on Mission 31 Undersea Exploration

Screenshot 2014-06-01 at 9.54.26 AMMission 31 has all the makings of a hit series.

It has a dramatic setting: an undersea research lab. It’s got star power: Jacques Cousteau’s grandson Fabien. And it has an intriguing premise: Half a dozen people will live and work together in that school bus-sized lab for 31 days, while exploring the ocean deep. There’s even a character nicknamed Otter.

Sound like a fish story? Viewers can tune in to watch the expedition unfold live online starting Sunday, when Mission 31 is set to launch. Fabien Cousteau and his fellow aquanauts will dive to Aquarius Reef Base, an undersea lab 63 feet down in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. For the next month, they’ll conduct scientific research on the marine life and themselves.

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