LMAO! Amy Schumer’s Stand-Up Special BOMBED so Bad Netflix Had to Change Their Ratings Format

Now, we have not watched this special but we can just about imagine how gross it would make us feel. This unfunny, joke stealing woman hates the Second Amendment. She can’t stand anyone who is right of center. And she let’s all this be known in her “comedy”. She more than likely deserves the rating she got.

Netflix just announced, completely out of the blue, it’s changing the way users review movies and TV programs. Instead of a five-star rating, people will simply give a thumbs up or thumbs down. It’s a “sudden change” after years of the classic five-star rating system that seemed to be working for absolutely everybody. Concerned for the integrity of ratings, we dug deeper. Because buried in this article is a possible reason explaining the abrupt switcheroo…

The shakeup — which will take effect in April — comes on the heels of comedian Amy Schumer accusing haters of conspiring to flood her latest Netflix special with one-star reviews. “The alt-right organized trolls attack everything I do,” Schumer said.

Yes. Professional joke thief Amy Schumer (see Amy Schumer Caught Stealing Many, Many, Jokes and Another Video Alleges Amy Schumer Steals Jokes) got a bunch of bad reviews for a painfully unfunny comedy special. I know leftists judge comedy based entirely on a) if you have the right political opinion, and b) if you’re not a white man. Tis the way of the left. They’re still trying to wrap their blue-hair-dyed heads around why they lost the 2016 election. Epic mystery.


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