LMAO: Democrats Hit Hard by SNL as Out of Touch, Old Losers [WATCH]


Last night Saturday Night Live (SNL) hammered all the star Democrats in a three-minute mock ad that left many of the viewers breathless from laughter.

Targeting the likes of Sen. Chuck Schumer, 66, Diane Feinstein, 84, and Tim Kaine, along with Hillary, 70, Pelosi, 77, and Sanders, 76.

They hilariously point out how old all the Democrats really are.

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“We’re back, baby!” Feinstein says, her jaw barely able to open and close. “You love our fresh new ideas delivered by fresh new faces by people like me, Nancy Pelosi,” says Kate McKinnon, whose facial expressions mock the amount of botox and cosmetic surgery Pelosi has had.

The old blood has a new plan, they promise. “We can’t just appeal to coastal elites,” Feinstein and Pelosi say, realizing they need “mouth breathers from Wisconsin” and the “window lickers from Ohio.” And will focus on jobs, “like converting Confederate monuments into statues of prominent lesbian poets,” Pelosi says.

In the mock-ad Pelosi brags about the new blood in the party, like “hot young thing” Sen. Elizabeth Warren, 68, for presidential material as well as Joe Biden.

Hillary debuts in the ad also, begging voters for “just one more chance,” and “then maybe one more chance after that.”

“And just wait until Bernie transfers his base of passionate millennial voters over to a new leader,” Pelosi says, before Sanders appears again to say, “No. If you liked it, you should’ve put a ring on it. Pass.”

They saved the best for the ending though. WATCH IT!

h/t Daily Caller


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