LMAO! What Happens When House Dems Challenge Electoral College Ballots — Watch to Find Out!

A joint session of Congress certified the Electoral College votes cast for Donald Trump. But it didn’t happen without a few bumps.

The Dems really tried hard to protest, but someone told them to knock it off. That someone was Joe Biden! He must be in his ‘senior slide’ mode. Just get done what needs to be done and get out of there.

Best part? Speaker Paul Ryan was spotted laughing!

From Daily Caller:

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Speaker of the House Paul Ryan couldn’t hide his smile when Vice President Joe Biden repeatedly told protesting Democrats to sit down and shut up.

A joint session of Congress met Friday to certify the Electoral College votes cast during the 2016 presidential race.

“Mr. President, I object on behalf of the millions of Americans, including members of the intelligence committee,” Rep. Barbara Lee said before Biden cut her off and she was drowned out by boos.

“There is no debate. Debate is prohibited,” he said. “Objection cannot be received.”


H/T: Young Cons


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