LMAO! Hollywood Liberals Cry Salty Tears Over Comey Sacking and Its Never Been More HILARIOUS

Capitol Hill Democrats aren’t the only one’s roaring after Trump fired Comey. The hills of Hollywood have been heard screaming as well (what a surprise).

The anti-Trump celebrity crowd is in full force, screaming for impeachment, hurling insults, and some even claiming the President has a mental illness.

Oh, and these people are just standing up for Comey out of the goodness of their hearts. Never mind they wanted to tear him apart a few months earlier.

Starting off with Cher:

If you can make heads or tales of this next one, let us know what she’s talking about, please.

And, of course, Rosie wasn’t going to miss out on the chance to scream:

Wasn’t she supposed to be leaving?

And then we have all of these people….

Now, we aren’t saying Hollywood can’t express their opinions. They have a first amendment right.

It’s funny to watch them all rant and cry, though, thinking their words make any difference.

It didn’t work during the election and it won’t work now.


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