LMAO: Obama is the Topic for GQ Magazine’s ‘April Fools’ Prank… HILARIOUS!

Look at the calendar and note the date. It’s April Fools! And it’s the day media sites actually want to print fake news. Here are some pretty funny ones.

The Prince is getting a little cheeky at his wedding!


Finally, he found his true calling…

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This is one INCREDIBLE polar bear! Just look how far he swam!


What a great idea! Horses get nervous too! They need a way to calm their nerves before competition.


This is actually genius! This one I really wish was true.


Lastly, British GQ Magazine graced us with the funniest joke of all:


They published it back in November 2016. GQ just couldn’t wait to run their perfect prank on the people!

Happy April Fools!


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