LMAO! Rapper Gets BULLDOZED by Deer [WATCH]

Only in Canada, eh?

Nobody believed Carry McCook when he told them he got run over by a deer.

Why? Because it happened on April Fools day. Talk about an epic fable!

However, CCTV captured the whole thing… this was no lie.

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McCook was being dropped off at a hotel by a coworker in British Columbia, Canada.

He was just barely outside the truck when “galloping sounds” started coming from his left, Global News reported.

Before McCook knew it, he was being bulldozed by a big deer.

“As I was turning my brain couldn’t process what was coming at me and by the time I knew it, I had already gotten hit by ‘Bambi’ that was being chased by a dog.”

In the footage, you can see the dog run in front of the truck after the deer tramples McCook:

McCook is a First Nations “rapper” and in a group called Reka-NatioN. They’re from the sekani/Tahitan nation… if you understand what that means.

He said when attempting to tell his friends what happened, they all assumed it was an April Fool’s joke.

For proof, he went to the scene of the crime and got the security footage. After posting it on Facebook it went viral!

McCook finds the video more hilarious every time he watches it and other than a sore shoulder, he seems to be fine.


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