LMAO: You Won’t Believe What Study Found Out About Socialist Men

This is fantastically funny!

An academic study from researchers at Brunel University London found that men who are physically weak are more likely to favor socialist policies!

No, we aren’t making that up.

The team assessed171 men, looking at their height, weight, and overall physical strength and bicep circumference.

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Then they took notes about their views on redistribution of wealth and income inequality.


They found the weaker men tended to favor the socialist policies of the stronger men.

Not a huge surprise, given that their god leader looks like this:


The study was published in the Evolution and Human Behavior journal.

Brunel University’s Michael Price believes that this mind set is a product of evolutionary psychology.

“This is about our Stone Age brains, in a modern society. Our minds evolved in environments where strength was a big determinant of success. If you find yourself in a body not threatened by other males, if you feel you can win competitions for status, then maybe you start thinking inequality is pretty good.”

Taking his assessment one step further, Price wanted to factor in gym time to see if he could determine the relationship flow between strength and socialistic leanings.

Are men who are naturally strong more inclined to hold capitalistic views, or are men with capitalistic views driven to go to the gym?

“When Dr Price factored in time spent in the gym some, but not all, of the link disappeared,” notes The Times, suggesting there may be something to men with capitalistic views hitting the gym.

“Of course this isn’t rational in modern environments, where your ability to win might have more to do with where you went to university. Lot of guys who are phenomenally successful in modern societies would probably be nowhere near as successful in hunter gatherer societies,” added Price.

The Daily Wire

Other studies in the past have also suggested that physically fit men are more conservative than their weak counterparts.

A 2013 study from Aarhus University in Denmark said they “found that men’s opinions on redistribution of wealth could be predicted by their upper body strength, with powerful men more likely to take a conservative stance of protecting their own interests.”

Well, now all the safe-spaces, the complicated coffee orders, and the pajamas make a little more sense now.

Maybe, if some of these guys hit the gym more, we could get rid of some of the crazy ideas that have been spreading like wild fire.


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