Lock Them Up: Trump Demands Jail for Huma Abedin and Investigation into Comey

President Donald Trump is on a roll with the tweets this new year. First he called for the foreign aide funds to Pakistan to be nixed, now he is calling for the imprisonment of Huma Abedin, head b*tch for Hillary Clinton.

In the Tuesday morning Tweet he referenced her use of un-secure emails to handle classified intel. Trump also targeted Jame Comey, asking for an investigation into the former FBI director.

‘Abedin’s yahoo email address had official emails forwarded from her state department account before all Yahoo addresses were hacked,’ reports the DC.

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“She would use these accounts if her (State) account was down or if she needed to print an email or document. Abedin further explained that it was difficult to print from the DoS system so she routinely forwarded emails to her non-DoS accounts so she could more easily print,” the FBI reported of Abedin’s email use.

According to the DC: The president referenced the case of a former U.S. Navy Sailor imprisoned for a year after taking photographs while on board a submarine as justification for his imprisonment call. Trump also took aim at former FBI director James Comey, implying he would like the Justice Department to probe his behavior while in and out of office.

Comey publicly testified in June that he directed the leaking of portions of his private memo’s regarding conversations with Trump to The New York Times. The former FBI director said he directed the leak in order to spark a special counsel investigation into possible collusion between the Trump 2016 presidential campaign and the Russian government.

So, will Huma be seen behind bars? Give us your thoughts below.


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