WOW: ‘Anxious’ Students DEMAND Resignation of University Officer After Shouting ‘Make America Great Again’ Over PA System

The University of Virginia’s students have demanded that a campus officer resign from his post. What was the offense? Well on election night the man in question took his PA system and shouted ‘Make America Great Again’. The dandies couldn’t handle that, apparently. Check it out. 

By Tim Dodson

Three University Police Department officers were under investigation following the incident on Nov. 9, when a police car’s public address system was used to shout president-elect Donald Trump’s campaign slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ at students returning to their dorms following the results of the contentious election.

Trump’s election has been a source of anxiety for many University students, some of whom have responded by organizing a vigil for students to voice their concerns and signing on to a letter to University President Teresa Sullivan in support of undocumented students.

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Student protesters who interrupted the Board of Visitors meeting on Nov. 11 included firing the officers in their list of demands.

“We demand that they be fired, and we demand a re-evaluation of our tuition dollars going to the University Police Department,” one protester said.


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