If You Look Hot, Jail Is So Not For You: Internet Campaign to Free a Criminal Spreads With Support Because the Dude is ‘Sexy’

10402608_626455670783694_4163022932749562915_nEditor’s Note: This is just proves how jacked up our society is. Let’s free a criminal because he is hot. Ummm… how ’bout no!

Jeremy Meeks’ mugshot is going viral.

It’s not because of the crime he allegedly committed — he was arrested on five weapons charges in the Northern California city of Stockton — it’s because he’s very, very, handsome.

By early Friday morning, Meeks’ arrest photo had garnered more than 43,000 “likes,” and 4,200 shares, and some people had started a Twitter campaign to “Free Jeremy.”

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Users began photoshopping — adding in a Calvin Klein logo and taking out the teardrop tattoo that usually signifies having killed someone.

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