LOS ANGELES: Militarized Presence at Subways Due to BOMB Terror Threat–Officials Say the Threat is…

It’s good to know they were on high alert even though this threat turned out to be fake. Let’s hope they will have this sort of response for all threats.

Investigators have found no evidence to corroborate a warning of a terrorist plot to bomb the Universal City Metro station, defusing fears of an imminent attack in the heart of Los Angeles’ sprawling public transit system, authorities said late Tuesday.

Federal investigators determined that the warning of a bombing called in on a tip line in Australia was not a credible threat. Law enforcement officials suspect the anonymous caller may have previously made threats that did not materialize, according to the FBI.

Investigators were working to identify the anonymous caller and FBI officials noted that those who provide false threats to police face prosecution.

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The bomb threat had put Metro Red Line riders on high alert after law enforcement officials released information about the potential attack Monday night.

On Tuesday, commuters were met by heavily armed deputies, dogs and bag searches, part of increased security visible across the Los Angeles County transit system.

At the Universal City station, a sign warned riders they would not be allowed to use the Red Line subway system to downtown L.A. without their bags being searched.

Since early Tuesday, sheriff’s bomb squad teams with K-9s have combed the station and other areas of the transit systems.


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