Louisiana’s Gun Control Restrictions Passed in Senate

The Louisiana House of Representatives just passed two controversial bills that are now on their way to the state Senate. The two bills, passed with a large majority of support, shields gun owners from restrictions from the federal government. The first bill, known as the “Louisiana preservation of individual gun rights of citizens act”, would make it illegal for the president to enforce gun restrictions in the state of louisiana. The second bill makes it illegal for anyone to release personal information associated with concealed carry permits. Could Louisiana even enforce this law if it were to pass?

The passage of House Bill 5 through the house was a statement that state lawmakers are willing to do anything to protect the rights of gun owners in Louisiana, even if what they’re doing might be considered unconstitutional.

UL Lafayette professor and KATC political analyst Dr. Pearson Cross says, “Southern states and other states will try to pass these laws, they will pass these laws, these laws will probably be found to be unconstitutional in court cases.”

Cross says even if it passes the senate, the law could be stricken down because it ignores the U.S Constitution’s “Supremecy Clause”.

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