IT’S A ‘LOVE AFFAIR’: Muslim Asylum Seeker Accused of MOLESTING a Child

This is sick. This “Majed R.” sexually abused a young 12-year-old boy on 68 different occasions. And when confronted, he has the audacity to say it was a “love affair”. What 12-year-old has the mental capability to be in “an affair”? That’s correct, none. This is sick and hopefully this pervert gets what’s coming to him.

“Allegedly the 45-year-old from Iraq began his reign of terror in January 2016. “The young victim, who travelled with his mother and two siblings, is also believed to hail from Iraq. “It is reported Majed, a car mechanic in his home country, forced the boy, named only as Sam in proceedings, to come to his room for sex, locking him inside every time. “When Sam refused to take part, Majed R allegedly threatened to burn and kill him.”

The allegations came to light when one of Sam’s family members told a local social worker in July they found it strange Majed wanted to spend so much time with the boy. The boy then allegedly told the social worker about the abuse. And then there’s this, from the Express:

“The defendant initially denied having done anything wrong, but after investigators allegedly found a sex video of the abuse on his mobile phone he called it ‘a love affair,’ saying they both wanted it.”


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