Because We Love Netflix: Millennials to Change the Dichotomy that is Destroying America

Marketing-MillennialsThe results are in: Millennials are going to change the false two-party dichotomy that is currently destroying America.

But it’s not because they’ve seen the waste and corruption that a two-party system brought with it, ruining an economy that Millennials now have to inherit. According toThe USA Today and the Third Way think tank, it’s because they love Netflix.

“Millennials have come of age in a period of expansive customization of goods and services,” the report concludes. “Their experiences have led them to an á la carte worldview, including in politics.”

This is not what’s happening.

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The country has used a generation as its creative core and its industrial motor and its soul and guts, it has wrung it of its sweat, and then it has asked it, slapping paddle to palm, why it wasn’t working harder.

They’re sick of it. And why wouldn’t they be? No one is listening.

This month, the RNC put out an ad on Youtube to appeal to the youth vote. It was, it appears, made by a madman who had once been to a Starbucks and did not like it.

The ad’s creators picked up the first three items they could find at an Urban Outfitters, unearthed a bearded young man who sounded whiny and incredulous — because this is the only kind of young man they could envision — and placed the clothes about his body like so.

They then fed him stock Republican talking points and wondered why it did not work.

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