Low Risk, Low Reward: Why Playing It Safe Will Never Pay Off In The New Year

tumblr_lx3n5gBslU1qdl9dfo1_1280We all hunt for advice on a daily basis, constantly asking friends, peers, family members — even strangers — what they think we should do about this, that or the other. We hope they might enlighten us by offering with some fantastic motto or insight that will change our perspectives and attitudes for the better. But let’s be honest, that rarely ever happens.

Instead, the advice we generally receive keeps us playing it safe. We’re told never to wander too far off the beaten path and that it’s important to be careful. We’re encouraged to stray from impulsive decisions, not to take many chances until we’re ready (as if anyone’s ever ready).

Often, people suggest I take the road most traveled, and for the most part, the advice feels meaningless and lazy.

Counter-intuitively, the reason we subconsciously ask for this dead-end advice is that it soothes us. We want affirmation for our desires to stay in life’s comfort zone. We treat our stressful uncertainties with escapism.

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It’s frightening to make decisions confidently, to choose your own path and to commit to your own judgment. The reason we receive the advice we do is that the purveyor of advice undeniably wants to be right just as much as you don’t want to fail. So, when you tell someone to play it safe, maybe it seems that nobody loses, but truly, nobody wins.

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