LUCKY TO BE ALIVE: Med Student Who Tried to Stop a Mugging Survived Being Shot at Point Blank Range Because of This [WATCH]

gold2He is fortunate the gun jammed. Hope he recovers soon.

Tulane medical student Peter Gold is lucky to be alive after coming to the aid of woman he saw being mugged.

As seen on surveillance video released by the New Orleans Police Department, Gold, 25, is seen getting out of his car early Friday morning after a man drags a woman down the street — it looks as if the good Samaritan was making a call on his cellphone.

“The victim drove up and attempted to assist the woman, at which point the suspect pointed a gun at him and demanded money,” New Orleans Police said in a statement, according to NBC News.

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“The victim explained to the suspect repeatedly that he did not have any cash,” police continued. “The suspect became enraged and shot the victim once in the stomach.”

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