Lucy! You’ve Got Some Esplaining To Do: Illinois Status on Their CCW Bill

By guest contributor: Martin Zima

lucyThe State of Illinois was given 180 days by court order to enact CCW legislation by midnight on June 8th.
Failing to do so, the state will be in contempt of the courts orders which in effect will allow ‘court carry’ (it will not be Constitutional carry as many opine as you are still required to have a valid Firearm Owners ID card).
In this regard the court may establish the regulations as broad or as narrowly (set age limits, residency status, arrest records, etc…) or simply advise anyone with a valid FOID can carry concealed; as it deems appropriate to be imposed on the state (don’t think for a second though that the courts will allow open carry or carry of anything other than a handgun since that was the type of firearm considered under their review).
Or the Court can also look at the simple fact that the bills passed by a super veto-proof majority and technically do not require the governor’s signature to become law.
The courts can also grant the state an extension to the June 8 deadline and that is EXACTLY what Gov. Quinn is banking on
As is typical of Chicago/Illinois politics, they don’t care what the court orders say as State’s Attorney Lisa Madigan on Monday filed a motion with the Seventh Circuit Court requesting to delay… er… I mean extend the court imposed deadline for an additional 30 days as the bill had just been passed and delivered to Gov. Quinn just this last Friday and poor old Gov. Quinn ‘has not had sufficient time’ to review the content of the bills and according to the “Illinois State Constitution… the Governor shall have 60 days to consider passage… blah blah blah…

Both bills for IL concealed carry passed with a super veto-proof majority. The Governor’s signature is NOT REQUIRED.

Like petulant children who do not want to eat their broccoli or clean their rooms, Gov. Quinn, States Attorney Madigan, House Speaker Madigan of course are ‘not available for comment’ as Gov. Quinn is ‘focused on the states pension funding disaster’ and Speaker Madigan ‘does not have a cell phone’ and has not returned Gov. Quinn’s calls.

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The rhetoric from Gov. Quinn’s office is so painfully sad that he’s even commented as having to call Speaker Madigan’s wife to ask her to relay messages to Speaker Madigan.

REALLY? IS that how the citizens of Illinois are represented?

Leave a message with someone’s wife!?!

How embarrassing this is for the state of Illinois. But hey they sent Obama to the White House so being any more or less embarrassed does not mean much to Quinn or the Madigan team.

Nor does spending tax payers money on ill-fated attempts to avoid the inevitable.

AGAIN…BOTH BILLS from the Illinois House and Senate passed with a super veto-proof majority

Paraphrasing from Mel Brooks “Blazing Saddles”:

‘We don’t need no stinking signature.’

So even if Quinn decided NOT to sign the bill… TOO BAD his veto will be over-ridden by operation of law which makes State’s Attorney Madigan’s motion to delay even more evident of the State’s disdain and disregard for the authority of the Seventh Circuit’s decision. Sadly, this is reflective of the complete lack of concern that the state legislature, Speaker Madigan, States Attorney Madigan, and Gov. Quinn have for the safety of Illinois residents.

They don’t care about Illinoisan’s safety as even yesterday, in broad daylight two individuals robbed a retail store and the owners, employees and customers were left defenseless as two thugs went about violently threatening the lives of innocent victims to force their way and rob them.

So what is left for Illinois to do?

Sit and wait. And hope that the judge at the Seventh Circuit is aware that the bills passed by a super-majority making the entire discussion a moot point.

UPDATE: The Seventh Circuit approved the motion to delay but advised there will be NO further extensions. The new deadline is July 9, 2013.


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