MACHO WOMAN? Brazilian Police Chief Takes 3 Months Leave, Comes Back as a Woman Called Laura

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A top Brazilian police officer who ‘exuded testosterone’ has shocked colleagues by taking a long holiday, only to return to active duty as a woman.

Thiago de Costa Teixeira, 33, served in an anti-drugs unit and is currently in charge of a division in the city of Goiana.

He took a three-month holiday at the end of last year in order to get a sex change in Thailand, and will return to work as Laura next month.

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Her ‘bravery’ has been hailed by superiors in the police force, and LGBT campaigners have said that it is a first for a Brazilian worker not to be forced out of their job after having a sex change.

The police officer was previously married to a woman and has two young sons.

Along with the sex change operation Miss Teixeira also had facial reconstruction surgery to create a softer female jawline and nose.

Miss Teixeira, who has applied to have a gender and first name changed legally, said: ‘I’ve always wanted to be a woman. But I was too ashamed to admit it. Eventually I couldn’t hide who I was.

‘At first I was worried about how my police colleagues would react to the news…’

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