The Mad Crusade of an Angry President

PISSEDA lot of things have been revealed recently about the so-called GOP plan “to burn down your house” by President Barack Obama. His message extends to the knee-bent masses of welfare entitlement and venomous tranquility associated with the ‘freeloader class’ known as the poverty-stricken ring of our society.

His constant and determined efforts to forward his flawed healthcare system, commonly known as “Obamacare,” are further thrusting our once-great nation into the throes of mediocrity that empower relatively flourishing countries such as Germany and China to rise above the highest world standards set in a time that now seems eons ago.

Obama is hijacking the reins of our country’s governance and sending the wagon toward a den of wolves.

At his side, like a cat to its misguided and misinformed James Bond villain, Harry Reid spouts off propaganda to the public that is probably good enough to be worth studying by government officials in Putin’s circle over in Russia.

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He is just so talented at repeating the same old message again and again in different statements and answers to questions.

He is obviously a purveyor for the classic political pseudo-mind game of repeating something enough times until it becomes accepted as the truth by the general public – a strategy that is sadly working with a public who is too unwilling to learn the true facts behind our government shutdown.

Little tidbits of the facts highlighted in forms such as Jon Stewart’s interview with Katherine Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, essentially the chief spokesperson for the act.

His mutual understanding of the basic and honest gripe held by Republicans, being that the Obama administration refuses to allow regular citizens to opt out of the policy without penalty for one more year just like big business, is reason alone to see …

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