THE MADNESS CONTINUES: Entitled Millennials Plan Future Trump Protests, See Which Cities

The ‘protesters’, aka rioters, are gathering together to stop HATE from spreading around the world… by looting, setting sh*t on fire, and shooting people. Makes sense. Check out which cities they’re going to continue to spread this message of ‘love’.

Demonstrators are expected to gather again on Saturday in cities across the United States to protest at President-elect Donald Trump and his policies, which they say will hurt their civil and human rights, a day after a protester was shot in Portland, Oregon.

Events were planned throughout the day in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, where organizers said they hoped to continue the momentum they have gained over several nights across the nation after the real-estate mogul’s shock victory in the presidential election on Tuesday.

“We must unite despite our differences to stop HATE from ruling the land,” New York organizers said on a Facebook event post announcing a rally and march that were to begin at noon local time at Union Square.

Hours before the demonstrations were set to begin, a protester in Portland was shot as he took part in a march across the Morrison Bridge. He is expected to live, but the suspect remains at large, police said.

Since Trump’s victory, demonstrators in several cities have decried the Republican’s campaign promises to restrict immigration and register Muslims, as well as allegations that the former reality-TV star sexually abused women.

“It is our time as a movement to unite and fight back against Donald Trump and what he wants to do to this country,” organizers said on Facebook in announcing a rally in MacArthur Park in Los Angeles on Saturday.


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