“Magic Words”: The Left’s Most Powerful Tool

name callingWhen was the last time you were called a “bully”? For me, the last time I’m certain of it — in writing, at least — is October 21, 2012. “Bully” is one of the “magic words”; a powerful tool of the left. Do a search for “bullying” and you get a lot of results: 17,300,000 on my Bing search. Heck, even our government advertiseshow to deal with bullying” (at taxpayer expense).

Being called a “bully” is bad, bad, bad: you must be a horrible person. You’re worse than a pedophile if you’re accused of being a bully. (After all, where are the government ads against pedophilia?) You need psychiatric help if you’re accused of being a bully; you’re pure evil.

It has become so important a word that even the president has to tackle the “issue” and have a conference about bullying (Your taxpayer dollars at work!). Add to that the fact that Hollywood has called out bullying and you’ve got the “magic word” trifecta: the general public, the government and Hollywood united against bullies. Oooh…

That’s the power of a “magic word”. It gains momentum and laws are written about it and more of our rights are taken away. With “bully” it’s more of our First Amendment rights, gone in a flash of protective action. It’s not just that they’re trying to “protect” those who are the alleged victims of bullying.

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They’re trying to make sure their wittle-bitty-feewings aren’t hurt. We can’t hurt feewings now, can we? It’s so wrong. Feewings are not allowed to be hurt. Poow wittle feewings.

Does it matter that they’re taking away our words — and our First Amendment right to use them — in the effort to protect feelings? Where in the U.S. Constitution does it mention feelings? Where? Does it matter that we’re creating a nation of (to quote Doug Giles) “Nancy Boys“, of both genders? Apparently not.

The government must intervene on behalf of anyone and everyone who is having their feewings hurt. Standing on your own nowadays is anathema to a large portion of the U.S. population; someone else must help. We must get a group of people involved to stand up for us. The government must be there to intervene. Such a good government. Pat it on its wittle-bitty head.


Prior to “bully”, we had other “magic words”. We had “homophobe“, “bigot“, “neo-conservative” and their derivatives: all meant to control those at whom the words were aimed.

Want to vote for Sarah Palin and the U.S. Constitution? You must be a “neo-conservative”. You must be a “bigot” because you didn’t vote for our current president. You disagree with the demise of DOMA? You “homophobe”!

Let us not forget “hater“. Hater is such a popular “magic word” now that it has its own fashionable Twitter hashtag, #H8R! (I’m impressed, aren’t you?). Intimidation has its form in “magic words” and a hashtag for the “magic word” is so very au courant and trendy! (Let’s make more!)

How dare anyone believe anything that the left does not give you permission to believe! How dare you want anything else for America than what the left gives you permission to want! You must be made to stop that and their “magic words” are there to stop you! How dare you! How dare you?

That’s the attitude. That’s the tool. That’s the goal: silencing opposition. If they can, with one single word, get us to shut up, sit down and fold our hands politely in our laps, then they have no more opposition.

Their goal is attained really without much work at all. One word does the trick. Make us afraid of words and their job is so much easier.

If they can slap a scary label on us, they no longer have to argue the point. They don’t have to think. They don’t have to analyze, use logic, reason their ways out of a wet paper bag. All they need is a label: one label that silences.

What the left — those who use the “magic words” against us — fails to see is that the “magic words” are themselves a form of the very things their magic labels are alleging against us!

Consider: when they scream “Bully!” are they not bullying us? When they say “Neo-conservative”, they are not themselves neo-conservatives, but they are “Neo-leftists”: same thing, different direction, n’est-ce pas?

Same thing with “Homophobe!”; they are either themselves “homophobes” or they are “heterophobes” and should have no stone to cast.  Those who hashtag #H8R: aren’t they the ones who are actually hateful?

So what do we do with these “magic words” and how do we react to them? How do you handle someone who throws down the gauntlet and challenges you with a “magic word” label and demands you kowtow to the label and its powerful, damning implications?

There are two choices: Cave and cooperate with the silencing of your words, rights and future protestations. Or you can have a spine and stand up and continue to use whatever words you wish, as the First Amendment says you can — and, notice, as the lefties continue to do — and be strong enough to fight for America with whatever words you wish.

As for me, I look forward to being called a “bully” again. It’s horrible of me, I’m sure, but since when did I care?


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