MAKESHIFT REFUGEE CAMP: Set on Fire at Slovenian Border

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 10.18.28 AMWould be interesting to find if the fire was started on purpose. All the ‘refugees’ were evacuated to Australian border, which raises questions if it was just a diversion.

A fire tore through a makeshift camp for refugees and migrants on Wednesday at the Slovenian border with Croatia, where thousands have sought temporary shelter on the treacherous journey through Europe.

While it is still unclear what caused the blaze, people have been building campfires to try to get warm, as temperatures in the area are plummeting. Days of rain have made the conditions even worse for those on the road.

Firefighters managed to extinguish flames, but not before the blaze consumed several tents. Hundreds were evacuated from the camp and transported to the Austrian border, according to local journalists at the scene.

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Thousands have camped out in Brezice since the weekend, with limited aid, waiting to continue on to the Austrian border. But lack of resources mean that most have spent days outside in the pouring rain, or in flimsy makeshift tents.

Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia have struggled in recent days to process the never-ending flow of people traveling through the Balkans en route to western Europe. Hungary has made it especially difficult for those hoping to pass through, and has erected razor wire fences patrolled by police on its southern borders, forcing migrants to find new routes west.

Since September, Hungary’s border with Serbia has been closed. And on Saturday, it locked down the border with Croatia, causing some 20,000 people to enter Slovenia from Croatia, with thousands more on their way.

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