MALL TERROR: Police on Manhunt for ‘Hispanic Man’ Who Opened Fire in Mall Near Seattle–Shooting 5 People Before…

screen-shot-2016-09-24-at-9-53-50-amHopefully they catch this guy. He killed five people with a “hunting-type” rifle. Condolences and prayers go out to the families of the victims.

Police were searching Saturday for a gunman dressed in black who fled on foot after opening fire in the makeup department at a Macy’s store in Burlington, Wash., killing five people.

Skagit County authorities in Burlington, about 65 miles north of Seattle, said 11 search teams and two K-9 units had largely cleared the 434,000-square-foot Cascade Mall, going shop by shop, but warned the situation in the area remained volatile.

“We are still actively looking for the shooter,”Washington State Patrol spokesman Sgt. Mark Francis said at a news conference. “Stay indoors, stay secure.”

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Francis also noted that some locked rooms and doors still needed to be checked at the shopping center.

Witnesses described the shooter as a Hispanic man wearing black and armed with a “hunting-type” rifle, said Given Kutz, a spokesman for the Skagit County Emergency Operations Center. The suspect was last spotted walking toward nearby Interstate-5 in the largely rural area.

Francis said authorities believe there was only one shooter and released a blurry photo of the dark-haired suspect dressed in a black T-shirt. The motive behind the attack Friday night remains unclear.

Stephanie Bose, assistant general manager at Johnny Carino’s Italian restaurant near the Macy’s store, said she immediately locked the doors to the restaurant after hearing about the shooting from an employee’s boyfriend.

“He was trying to go to the mall and people were screaming,” she told The Associated Press. “It was frantic.”

Police later searched the Cascade Mall and confirmed the four deaths, Francis said. The fifth victim died later at the Harborview Medical Center.


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