Man Drops Dead After Opening Pandora’s Box

article-2505194-1962744A00000578-53_634x554A 37-year-old man mysteriously collapsed and died after opening a container which bore the description ‘Pandora’s Box’ in red letters, an inquest has heard.

Jason Airey was found unconscious by his parents next to the box, which contained unused synthetic cannabis, in the bedroom of their home in Carlisle, Cumbria – and no drugs were found in his system.

Mr Airey’s heart had stopped beating, causing his organs to fail – and he died two days later at Cumberland Infirmary, having never regained consciousness following his collapse in May.

In Greek mythology, Zeus gave the box to Pandora with instructions that she should not open it – but she eventually gave in to her curiosity, and all the miseries and evils flew out to afflict mankind.

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Mr Airey had worked for food manufacturing business Cavaghan and Gray and construction firm Metal Box, both in Carlisle. His father Dennis told the inquest his son had been happy on May 2.

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