Man Goes on Mass Stabbing at 3-Year-Old’s Birthday Party

Nine people have been injured in a mass stabbing, with six of the victims being children.

The Ada County Sheriff’s Office has reported that 30-year-old Timmy Earl Kinner of Los Angeles went on a rampage at a Boise, Idaho apartment complex Saturday during a 3-year-old’s birthday party. He injured six children ages four to twelve and three adults who were trying to save the children. Four of the victims are reported to be in critical condition. Kinner is currently in custody and charged with nine counts of battery-aggravated assault and six counts of injury to a child. No motive has been identified yet but authorities have said that Kinner was asked to leave the complex the day before the attack.

The attack took place at an apartment complex home to many refugees. Kinner is not a refugee, police said, but he temporarily lived at the complex until he was asked to leave on Friday. Kinner returned Saturday when the girl was having her party a few doors down from where he had stayed, police said.

“Our victims are some of the newest members of our community. They’re victims of their past homes who have fled violence from Syria, Iraq and Ethiopia,” Boise Police Chief William Bones said at a news conference Sunday. “This was an attack against those who are most vulnerable — our children.”

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Police say they haven’t found any “specific evidence” that this was a hate crime but they aren’t ruling out that possibility given “the nature of the location and the victims.”

Esrom Habte, 12, and Fathi Mahamoud, 11, were playing outside when the attack erupted. “It was kind of scary because we were outside. He was chasing people and stabbing people,” Esrom said.

“The crime scene, the faces of the parents struggling, the tears coming down their faces, the faces of the children in their hospital beds will be something that I carry with me for the rest of my life, as will every first responder that night,” Bones said.

This was a horrific attack against children. A community is in shock and some of the victims are still not in the clear. This is violent crime at its worse; attacking innocent children.

Yet, we still have people out there saying that guns are the cause of violent crime. Guns are the reason we have attacks on kids. Guns are at fault. Is this the future of America if gun-controllers have their way? No longer will mass shootings be a problem (supposedly) but now we have mass stabbings?

Gun control will not stop violent crime. Criminals will do what they have to in order to carry out their goals. Next time you think about gun control, just remember this. And think about what you want your headlines to read; “Another Mass Stabbing” or “Conceal Carrier Stops Violent Rampage”?


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