MAN HUNT: Norwich Police on the Hunt for Armed Man in Wearing Combat Gear

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This guy is either walking home from war, or is looking to inflict maximum damage. One thing is for certain, he has peaked the interest of the armed Norwich Police Force.

Officers have released a photo of the individual, showing the man wearing green combat clothing and apparently holding a long object as he roams the streets of Whitefriars.

Firearms units, a helicopter and other officers responded to a number of alarmed calls at around 8:30am, but the man has not been seen since.

There have been no suggestions of threats to public safety.

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The man is believed to have first been spotted by a taxi driver, who told a local paper: “I saw a man in the full combat clothing carrying a rifle in his right hand.

“I wasn’t sure if it was an imitation but I thought it was a bit strange.”

Chief Inspector Chris Spinks said officers are now trying to identify the man to “determine the nature of this incident”.

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