Man on Terror Watch List Joins the Police Force

If you were thinking this is a farce and possibly an article from The Onion, you’re not alone. At this point, one could only wish this was a joke.

A man who had been placed on the terror watchlist — after showing signs of radicalization and extremism — has recently been accepted into France’s police force.

You would think that is almost counter productive. However, in the spirit of political correctness the French nation hired him.

Via The Local: The man was placed on the terror watch list in 2012 as a known radical Islamist and France’s intelligence service DGSI kept him under surveillance for a number of years after being alerted to his behaviour, according to French news site RTL.

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The person in question — who has remained anonymous — was unaware he was being watched and applied for the armed forces, but didn’t make the cut.

Later, he tried for the French police force (shows how high their standards are).

Despite apparently being under watch he was recruited as an Adjoint de Securité, a role ranked below a qualified police officer which can involve patrolling the streets and administrative duties.

This is after the DGSI received significant intelligence about his behaviour, sending his details on to the interior minister, who supervises the police, RTL reported.

But don’t worry, he was properly monitored in this role, and once security forces were sure he was clear of any terror plots, the unnamed man was permitted to complete his training. Now he is a fully qualified police officer, as of September 22nd.

Law enforcement has since removed the former terror suspect from the watch list.

France’s new anti-terrorism law, which will come into effect on 1st November, will ensure strict background checks will be made on anyone recruited into the police, customs, and security forces. 

Last year, a leaked memo revealed radicalisation among police was a growing fear

Commanding officers were said to be concerned by the behaviour of 17 junior-ranking officers, four of whom had converted to Islam.


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