Man Pardons Himself for ‘HONOR KILLING’ Daughter and her Boyfriend…And Gets AWAY With It

pakistanhonorkillingReligion of peace my a**. A Pakistani court acquitted a man who killed his daughter and her boyfriend to “save the family honor”. Do you want to know why they acquitted him? Because he pardoned HIMSELF and his son and nephew for committing the crime. Apparently Pakistan has been passing laws that are meant to “help” women. For example, men can only lightly beat their wives now. There was a law against honor killings…unless the sole legal heirs of the girl pardons everyone involved. How sick is that?

Most people can agree Pakistan doesn’t know how to do things – like be a successful nation. The terrorism and third world country-ness gives it away. Though to be fair, it seems like most Islamic countries are suck factories. So why does Pakistan stand out from the rest? They’ve been trying to improve the state of their country by coming up with modern laws, which help women in particular. The only problem is that these laws end up being neither modern nor helpful (see Pakistan: ‘Women’s Protection Bill’ Encourages Men to Lightly Beat Their Wives…).

In fact, one such law just allowed a regular Muhammad to get away with murdering his daughter. He “honor killed” her to death, then pardoned himself for it. Which made everything okay… Because Pakistan.

A Pakistani man who killed his daughter and her boyfriend to “save family honor” was acquitted by a court in Lahore after he pardoned himself, his son and nephew for the crime. Kiran Bibi and her boyfriend Ghulam Abbas were shot dead.

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The acquittal comes after laws against “honor killings” were passed in Pakistan recently. Ironically, the legislation was adopted to ensure that those involved in the practice are brought to justice, even if a family member pardons them.

In this case, because Muhammad and his wife were the girl’s sole legal heirs, they were able to pardon anyone found guilty of killing her…


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