Man Shoots Buck Only to Find It Has Two Heads – But Not In The Way You Think!

One Kentucky hunter got the surprise of a lifetime when he shot his buck, only to find it had a head attached to its antlers!

What would your first thoughts be if you shot a buck with two heads?

It would be pretty crazy! Now, what would you think if one of the heads was decomposing and hanging on the other’s antlers? Sound too insane to be real? Not quite.

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources posted a photo of just that situation. A buck with two heads, one attached to the body, the other decomposing and hanging on the other’s antlers.

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“It’s unclear exactly what circumstances led up to this buck’s carrying around another set of antlers and part of a decomposing carcass. Regardless, it was truly a rare harvest,” the post read.

Sgt. Tony Dunker with the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife said he suspects the decaying head belonged to a deer who had been dead for weeks after it locked antlers in a fight. After the fight, and the one deer dying, Dunker thinks the body became so decayed that the head just came loose.

Hunter Bob Long of Kentucky was the lucky shooter that bagged the buck.


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