Man Shoots HAND CANNON in Most EPIC Video…You Need to Watch This

Are you someone who loves unique guns?

For those of us who have a special place in our hearts for the range, shooting isn’t just a way to protect ourselves, or a sport; it’s an experience.

One way to heighten that experience is to test out new or unique pieces.

And let me tell you, this piece fits the bill!

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Logan Metesh, a NRA Museums Firearms Specialist, was the lucky one to test out custom-made Thompson Center Encore pistols with 10” cannon-style barrels.

Did you read that? CANNON-STYLE BARRELS!

He had a .577 Hand Cannon and a .600 Hand Cannon to take for a spin.

He went with the .600 because…well, do we even have to explain?

After shooting the gun twice, I can confirm that it does indeed live up to the name, “Hand Cannon.” Even with slightly less powerful loads out of concerns for safety (both for me and the range backstop), it was still quite the beast to shoot.

The experience is one I won’t soon forget.


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