Man Who Went Through Sex Change Surgery Warns It ‘Will Ruin Your Life, Destructive Body Mutilation’

If you want to know what the transgender procedure and surgery process is like, don’t ask someone who has never been through the process themselves… ask person who has done it.

Enter Walt Heyer, who penned an article at the The Daily Signalwhom went under the knife for a full transgender procedure; taking hormones and having his male genitalia cut off. The whole nine-yards just so he can live as a woman. After the procedure was done Heyer realized he made a terrible mistake.

The ‘world-famous’ surgeon — Stanley Bider of Trinidad, Colorado — did warn Heyer although he was undergoing this transgender procedure, it would never change his biology into that of a woman’s. In his column, Heyer notes that Trinidad is known as the “Sex Change Capital of the World,” and Biber said he has performed over 5,000 such surgeries during his career.

It was eight years after his surgery that Heyer recognized his mistake. He noted that for him to legally change his gender back to male, he needed to file a petition with the California Superior Court to verify he met certain criteria.

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Bider, therefore, had to write the letter of verification that Heyer met the medical criteria. In it he acknowledged that hormones and surgery had not changed Heyer into a woman.

Heyer writes, “In the letter, he testified that the surgery and cross-gender hormones had the effect of neutering my external appearance and genitalia, but my internal biological structure and my genetics were still male.”

Heyer quoted another transgender surgery survivor, Rene Jax, who wrote in his 2016 book, DON’T Get on The Plane!, “Sex change surgery will ruin your life.”

He added to the quote stating, “Both of us came away with the same conclusions: gender change surgery was a destructive body mutilation and a waste of time and money; after the medically-certified gender change, life didn’t improve; gender dysphoria, that feeling of unease with one’s gender, persisted, and was not relieved as promised.”

Via the Daily Wire:

Heyer notes commentary by Lawrence S. Mayer and Paul R. McHugh explain in The New Atlantis:

In biology, an organism is male or female if it is structured to perform one of the respective roles in reproduction. This definition does not require any arbitrary measurable or quantifiable physical characteristics or behaviors; it requires understanding the reproductive system and the reproduction process.

Heyer points out, “Too many post-surgical patients contact me to report they deeply regret the gender change surgery and that the false hope of surgical outcomes was a factor. For children, the focus on encouraging, assisting, and affirming them toward changing genders at earlier and earlier ages, with no research showing the outcomes, may lead to more suicides.”

He concludes:

I’ve become an outspoken critic of gender reassignment surgeries because many people are not being treated for other co-existing problems first. Instead, they are quickly prescribed cross-gender hormones and shuttled on a path toward surgery. But as noted earlier, this surgery cannot succeed in delivering what it promises. It will only mutilate the body, a far cry from the promised “sex change.”


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